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Response Organization for Emergency and Development / Civil society
A voluntary, independent, non-profit humanitarian organization concerned with human development, headquartered in Sana'a. It was established in Yemen on 2018, and is operating under an official license issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Department of Associations and Institutions at the General Directorate of the Capital Sana'a. Vision of the Organization: Humanitarian response and the preservation of human dignity and achieve justice and community development in Yemen, along with transparency and professionalism.

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Education for Children

Having a positive attitude about reading and a curiosity about learning new things instills similar beliefs in your children

Home for Homeless

Homes for the Homeless (HFH) addresses the needs of children experiencing poverty and homelessness through a continuum of programs


It aims to increase the special care of refugees throughout Yemen. Research has shown that refugees with special sponsorship achieve relatively early and positive integration and stability, in part due to the social support of sponsors.

Health Care

Support is in rural health centers Paladotte and medical supplies

Bringing Clean Water

Water For People is a clean water charity that has helped millions of people providing the support they need to bring clean water and sanitation systems

social solidarity

Emotional support Tangible support Information support Support companionship

Who We Are

Our Mission

We are thrilled to announce and welcome Clint Newton, the Chair and General President of the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) as the newest ambassador to join the Foundation.
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Our Story

As a non-profit organization with many years of operation, we always strive for our mission with a modern vision and we hope more people can contribute to our activities years .
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Our Foundation

We are transparent in all our charity activities. If you want to be a part of us, want to ask for help for yourself or other people, or any question that you want to ask, let us kn ow years .
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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.

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